"Becky always  brings enthusiasm and determination to every task that she is presented with. Her organisation and time management skills make her easy to rely upon and her drive to succeed is very evident in everything that she does. I have worked with Becky at a selection of different publications and I find her easy to work with and always smiling, no matter how long the working day may have been."
Debi Simpson, Freelance Stylist and Fashion Journalist

"Becky is very professional, organised and efficient when she goes about her work. Production [on the Sodexo brief] ran smoothly partly due to Becky keeping one eye on what was needed for the finished product. Becky is extremely hard working and was not afraid to put extra effort into the magazine. She responded to feedback well and produced a very slick professional product."
Liam Hardman, Solent Creatives

"Given a limited brief, Becky was able to use her initiative to develop creative designs for application forms, invitations, digital and seasonal communications. She is very easy to work with, interpreting very draft client ideas and turning them into creative reality."
Retail banking client

"During her time at University Becky has consistently demonstrated a mature, focussed and inventive approach to her work. Her graphic design outputs and skills in industry standard software have grown immensely over the past few years allowing her to tackle complex projects and challenges with increasing vigour, technical panache and creative flair. Evident throughout her work ethos is a high level of motivation, determination and focus and an overriding need to question, improve and challenge herself at every stage of the creative process. I have no doubt that she will achieve great success in her chosen career path."
Richard Rafter, Southampton Solent University Lecturer and Freelancer